Widget Header Bar

Almost all Widgets have a header bar, consisting of several options and the widget title. A few widgets are too small to allow for an additional header bar above it (e.g. the Button widget, or the compact Scalar widget), so the widget header is displayed at the right side of it, without a title.


Title, Full Screen, and Settings

Some of the options are specific to certain widgets but almost all widgets have Title, Full Screen full-screen and Settings options widget-settings. From AIMMS 4.89 onwards, some options may be put under the so-called kebab menu small-kebab, in order to keep the bar uncluttered.

From AIMMS 4.91 onwards, widgets without a full header now also always show the options and the kebab menu in developer mode. A button widget, for example, looks like this in developer mode:


If you keep the ‘UI editable’ option in the Application menu on its default value of 0, your end users will not see the two extra buttons on the right, but it gives you, as an app developer, quick access to the menus you most often need.

The Title for the widget can be specified in the Title option under the Miscellaneous section of the Widget Options.

The full-screen icon expands the respective widget into full-screen mode. Clicking on the icon again returns the widget to the original size.

../_images/WidgetHeader_Normal.png ../_images/WidgetHeader_FullScreen.png

The widget-settings icon represents the Widget Options where you can specify contents, pivoting, and other options for the widget.

Below are some of the other icons you will see in the Widget Header or under its kebab menu small-kebab if they are configured.

Download Image - PNG download-image


Download Image - PNG is available by default in software versions from AIMMS 4.82 onwards.

This option allows users to save a snapshot of the widget to their disk.

Download Image is available for Table, Map, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Bar-Line Chart, Gantt Chart, Bubble Chart, Pie Chart, TreeMap, and also for the Full Page.

In order to save an image for the full page which is currently active you need to click the download-image in the Application Menu Bar.

When downloading the image, the widget title is taken as the filename. In the case that no title is specified for the widget, then the filename is the chart type (example barchart.png).

This option is also available when the widget is toggled to the full-screen mode.


When downloading the image for a Table only the viewable area is saved and not the entire table.

The Full page (when in Grid Layout) and the Gantt Chart does not support the scrollable area when downloading the image.

For both these cases you can try expanding the widget to full-screen mode first and then download the image.

Download CSV download-csv

You can save the table data to a .csv file by using the Download Table Data functionality.

This option is available only for the Table widget.

Widget Actions widget-action

When Widget Actions are specified for the widget the widget-action icon is displayed so the user can access the actions.

Widget Actions can be configured for the Table, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Gantt Chart, Bubble Chart, Pie Chart, Tree Map, Multiselect, Slider, Legend, Map and Scalar (except in Compact Mode) widgets.

Filtering table-filtered

When a user applies Data Filtering on the Table, the table-filtered icon is displayed in the header of that respective table widget.