Button Widget

The Button widget allows the user to execute an action upon clicking on it. The type of action executed is determined by the widget settings:


In the sequel we discuss and illustrate the type of actions which may be specified through the Settings wheel as shown in the picture above.


For example, in the TransNet application, when the action type is set to Procedure, then one may select one of the procedures in the model, eg. SolveProcedure, as the action to be executed:


When the action type is set to PageLink, then one may select one of the other page is the app’s WebUI to link and open upon click (ResultsStatistics is here a potential other page):


Finnaly, if the action type chosen is ExternalLink, then one may select an URL for a web page to open:



In the Miscellaneous tab of the button’s options editor, other options may be set such as the title of the widget and whether or not the widget is visible (this may be determined by a model parameter):