App Menu Bar

All (regular) pages in your WebUI app have a Menu Bar, consisting of several buttons and text:


On the left:

  • page-manager-new Page Manager (available in AIMMS developer mode, not in PRO)

  • The name of the application

In the middle:

On the right:

The page breadcrumb at the bottom of the page shows the “About AIMMS” icon followed by the current page path:


Please note that for AIMMS versions between 4.53 and 4.58 the information above has been rendered differently in the page menu as illustrated here:


Furthermore, for AIMMS versions older than 4.53 the old Menu Bar (corresponding to the old default theme) had a similar representation, but a different look-and-feel as illustrated below:


On the left:

Second line:

On the right:

The detailed description of all menu bar related topics can be found in the next sections.