Octeract Solver for Global Optimization

The Octeract solver is a global optimization (GO) solver: it is a computational system for solving non-convex optimization problems to global optimality. Purely continuous, purely integer, and mixed-integer nonlinear problems can be solved with the software.

Octeract is a massively parallel deterministic global MINLP solver. It is the only MINLP solver with parallel branch-and-bound, and it is also the only commercial optimisation solver with native support for distributed branch-and-bound.

Octeract Usage

Octeract guarantees to provide global optima under fairly general assumptions, but cannot handle constraints containing an if-then-else statement or a reference to an external function.

About Octeract

Octeract is developed and supported by Octeract.

Octeract Supported Versions

AIMMS supports Octeract 4.7 (Windows 64-bit only).