CP Optimizer

The CP Optimizer solver (also known as CPOPT or CPO) from IBM ILOG is a state-of-the-art solver for Constraint Programming (CP) problems.

CP Optimizer Constraint Programming

CP Optimizer uses constraint programming technology targeting both constraint satisfaction problems and optimization problems, including problems involving scheduling. CP Optimizer contains powerful methods for finding feasible solutions and improving them. The strength of the optimizer removes the need for you to write and maintain a search strategy.

Parallel CP Optimizer

CP Optimizer provides a parallel option allowing you to take advantage of the availability of additional CPUs to speed up performance while it solves a specific model. Parallel algorithms are included at no additional charge.

About IBM ILOG CP Optimizer

IBM ILOG CP Optimizer is developed and supported by IBM, Inc. IBM ILOG CP Optimizer is a registered trademark of IBM, Inc.

CP Optimizer Supported Versions

AIMMS supports CP Optimizer 12.9 – 22.1.