Introduction to AIMMS Cloud Platform

On this page you’ll find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) as an introduction to AIMMS PRO running on the AIMMS Cloud Platform.

What are AIMMS PRO and AIMMS Cloud Platform?

The AIMMS PRO (Publishing and Remote Optimization) Platform makes it possible to deploy AIMMS Applications to end-users quickly and efficiently through the AIMMS PRO Portal. More importantly, the AIMMS PRO Portal assures end-users can access the latest version of these AIMMS Applications at all times through a web browser. While end-users can view and manage data, create scenarios, and initiate optimization runs, the actual processing is dispatched automatically to (high performance) central servers connected by the AIMMS PRO Platform. So, instead of coding your own interfaces, deployment setups etc., AIMMS PRO does it all for you.

The AIMMS Cloud Platform is a fully managed AIMMS PRO environment. It is secure, reliable and up-to- date, and provides all the IT capacity you need within the limits of your license subscription. All you have to do is develop and publish your apps, and we take care of the rest.

Why run AIMMS PRO on AIMMS Cloud Platform?

The AIMMS PRO Platform is a new way for your organization to deploy optimization technology into your organization. See it as your own App Store of AIMMS-based optimization solutions; a collaboration platform for making better decisions. Every optimization solution (or update of such a solution) can be made available to the users in your organization in a matter of a few clicks. As our solutions help your users make better decisions, it will allow you to increase your bottom line (or reduce your cost) almost instantly. This means that your organization will perform better and will be more agile with the AIMMS PRO Platform.

AIMMS PRO combined with the AIMMS Cloud Platform provides the simplest and fastest way to get apps to your end users. This means you can focus on developing and using AIMMS apps.

How is AIMMS PRO managed?

The AIMMS PRO Portal is the control center for users of the AIMMS PRO Platform. It allows for management of users, publishing of applications and AIMMS versions, setting use restrictions for applications, etc. Whether you are a developer, an end-user, or an IT manager, the portal provides you the controls to make optimal use of AIMMS possible. This is also true for sharing prototypes and pre-releases in a controlled way. Thus scaling up a solution, sharing new optimization concepts, or offering a large set of different AIMMS Applications to your organization, is now easier than ever before.

What are the key features of AIMMS PRO?

We envision that the AIMMS PRO Platform will become your collaboration platform for true interactive decision-making, leading to better decisions and, therefore, better bottom-line results. Our first release of AIMMS PRO already provides you with a great set of features to start this collaboration and we will continuously develop new features in the years to come.

The AIMMS PRO portal

The AIMMS PRO Portal provides a central control point for various users:

  • Developers can upload/manage/start applications

  • End-users can start AIMMS Applications through an Apps list

  • End-users can watch and interact with jobs that are running on the server

  • IT can upload/manage AIMMS versions

  • IT can manage users and user rights

  • IT can connect user management to Active Directory

  • IT can assign special publication rights to users

  • Statistics are available throughout the portal

Running apps from the AIMMS PRO Portal

By starting an application from AIMMS PRO in the AIMMS PRO client application, end-users can initiate optimization runs on the server that are autoqueued and processed based on capacity and priority rules. All licensing is arranged centrally with special AIMMS PRO licenses: AIMMS PRO Clients (required to start Apps), and AIMMS PRO Server Sessions (required to execute optimization runs). The number of PRO Clients and PRO Server Sessions can be extended to increase the reach and/or calculation power.

Who is responsible for Information Security on the AIMMS Cloud Platform?

We have high standards of Information Security and Compliance for the AIMMS Cloud Platform. However, some aspects can only be controlled by our customers, e.g. user management and the bespoke apps that our customers develop or have developed. Therefore, Information Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility.

The sections below clarify the division of those responsibilities.

AIMMS Responsibility

AIMMS is responsible for:

  1. Physical and environmental security of the data centers (delegated to the cloud provider).

  2. Information security including business continuity of hardware, networking, and all software components required for running AIMMS PRO and optional Application Database (partially delegated to the cloud provider).

  3. Design and implementation of user-group permissions for all AIMMS-supplied apps.

Customer Responsibility

The customer is responsible for:

  1. AIMMS PRO user management, including permission management for app publishing rights.

  2. Application Database (optional service) user management.

  3. Information security and compliance for any AIMMS apps they develop or have developed for them, including the extension and/or modification of SC Navigator apps.

When you involve third parties for app development and maintenance, keep in mind that these parties impact the information security and compliance.

AIMMS User Support is happy to provide support in handling these responsibilities.