Investigate state solver session

As an end user, you cannot directly inspect the data used by the data session or by the solver session. As a model builder, you may need to investigate in detail what happens during these sessions.

One way is by creating a data snapshot by creating case files or text files. This article shows how to do this with text files.


  1. Download the example project: model/

  2. Add the library Library GuardServerSession.

  3. Add the library to your project using the AIMMS Library Manager.

Using the library

The library Library GuardServerSession, includes the procedure gss::pr_SaveState with two arguments:

  1. sp_Label The value of this string parameter is used as the folder name; this folder name is referred to as the output folder below.

  2. s_SelectedIdentifiers This is a subset of AllSymbols. For each identifier that contains data, a corresponding file is created in the output folder, containing one element per line.


If your app is running on an AIMMS PRO platform, or if it has a connection to an AIMMS PRO platform, the files created will also be copied to AIMMS PRO storage, as a subfolder of /Userdata/<env>/<userName>/<appName>/<appVersion>.

An example call is:

2    sp_Label              :  "ThirdSaveLabel",
3    s_SelectedIdentifiers :  Superfluous_Data);